Maxitest: An Alternative Minitest Output

In a previous post I used minitest/reporters but I found myself still in love with the RSpec style of output. I accidentally found Maxitest which offers an alternative for printing this form of result. Basically it looks like this:

Looks familiar, right? I switched to this output and felt like home again. Here is a simple way to install it.


Add in Gemfile, as always:

gem 'maxitest'

and bundle it! After that put this in test_helper.rb:

require 'maxitest/autorun'

basically that's everything. Remove all other formatters to save some time loading the libraries. Run rake test and you should the the result.

In addition, Maxitest offers many other syntax sugars for Minitest::Spec. However, I'm a fan of xUnit style, so this is not helpful to me. Check it out if you need it.