Adler Hsieh

Writings on software development & career

Thanks for checking my profile 😄 If you're on your way to become a better software developer, I'm sharing my experiences on various platforms. Let me know if you have any question. Comments and messages are welcome!

About Me

I am a software engineer who is dedicated to solving real-world problems with technical solutions.

Skill Highlights

  • 7+ years full-time professional experience in software engineering.
  • 4+ years of mentorship experience, including coaching technical skills & offering career support.
  • Leading development of multiple Ruby on Rails & Golang projects. Experience in designing system architecture, integrating apps, and building workflows.

Community Highlights

  • Speaker: Webhack Meetup Tokyo May 2020
  • Speaker: Ruby on Rails Oceania Sydney (rorosyd) Meetup July 2017
  • Speaker: RubyConf 2016 Taiwan Ligntning Talk
  • Speaker: RubyConf 2015 Taiwan

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